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CBD Serum Boxes Specifications

Box Style All styles available including Reverse Tuck, Sleeve & Tray, Gable Style, Pop Display Style, Seal End, Bakery Style.
Dimensions Custom Sizes Available
Quantity 50
Included Options Gloss/Matte Lamination, Die Cutting, Pre-Scored, Pre-Glued
Additional Options Perforation, PVC Window Patch, Cardboard/Foam Inserts, Raised Ink, Foil Stamping, Spot UV, Embossing, Debossing.
Proof Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (Paid Request)
Shipping Shipped via DHL, FedEx & UPS
Preferred Design File You can send us your design files in any vector base format like AI, PDF, PSD, EPS, JPG or TIFF format.
Assembling Eco-friendly assembling, shipped flat.

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Stock Type & Thickness


Versatile and recyclable, it's a go-to for packaging needs. Affordable, sturdy, and customizable for any product design.


An eco-friendly, durable choice. Ideal for packaging, it's both robust and recyclable. A sustainable solution for your business needs.


Rigid stock material offers superior durability and elegance for packaging. The perfect choice for premium products requiring a luxe feel.


The go-to for shipping needs. Durable, lightweight, and protective, it's the eco-friendly choice for your product's journey.

Finishing Assortment

Foil Stamping

A touch of luxury for your packaging. This technique adds metallic shine and depth, elevating your product's visual appeal.

Spot UV

Enhance your design with high-shine detail. This technique adds texture and depth, spotlighting key features of your product's packaging.


Amp up your packaging's appeal with its vibrant shine. It enhances color and detail, making your product stand out on the shelves.

Holographic Foiling

Add a futuristic flair to your packaging. It offers a captivating, multi-dimensional shine that catches the eye immediately.


Elevate your packaging with a tactile, 3D effect. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making your brand truly stand out.


Add a unique element to your packaging. This method creates indented detail, lending an understated, chic aesthetic to your product.


This finish provides a smooth and decent dull look, non-reflective surface, adding a touch of elegance to your packaging.

Soft Touch Lamination

Infuse a touch of luxury into your packaging. It provides a velvety feel to your packaging, making your product irresistible to touch.

Get Highly Uqniue Options for Custom CBD Serum Packaging Wholesale

CBD serum is a popular product in the clinical cannabis industry. They are not susceptible to high temperatures and can be easily harmed by external impediments and changes. They require protective packaging that acts as a barrier between superfluous harsh conditions and your CBD serum creams. Custom CBD Serum Boxes are the best solution for you. They do what uncoated packaging does not, implying protection from temperature fluctuations and UV rays.

CBD Boxes can produce these Packaging Boxes because they require a high level of skill. A variety of environmental factors can harm serum, so it requires long-lasting and secure packaging. Packing these serum-filled bottles in a sturdy and attractively designed packaging will attract and protect these soothing serums. SirePrinting is your best option in this regard because they provide high-quality serum packaging based on your specifications.

To ensure that your CBD serums are safe from environmental harm, our material examiners use modern indicated cardboard material presented as toxic-free.

Custom CBD Serum Boxes

CBD Serum Boxes utilizes cutting die and preparing outstandingly innovative equipment to ensure top-of-the-line box finishes with the most extensive range of boxes. We will use you precisely for what you need, whether you need extravagant boxes with internal remote regions or clear windows and sides to effectively display your awesome serum holders. Oversimplified square shapes, bent overall pick boxes, for example, are examples of precise box shapes.

Exceptionally advanced edge designs with expanded folds and patterns are generally accessible with our advanced best-in-class cutting die gear. Serum bottles or holders can also be fragile depending on the materials used by various CBD serum brands. CBD Serum Boxes are packaging boxes made of high-quality and durable materials that can keep them packaged securely for as long as needed. They have also options for the most rigid corrugated materials and adaptable thin and stun permeable cardboard materials.

They offer various surface finish options, such as high gloss, exquisite matte, and spot UV. We will satisfy you and your serum items, clients with our objectiveness and high calibre of materials, regardless of the blend you choose. With our flat-delivered serum packaging boxes, we consider our customers in every step of our work. We make it simple to deliver their items economically, empowering simple storage and a significant box get-together cycle. However, you can also select pre-collected boxes with all incredible quality highlights.

You can anticipate the absolute best Serum Bottle Wholesale Boxes or other serum bulk boxes at reasonable productive costs in the market. Our lower rates focus on the highest overall revenues for our consumers, boosting their business simultaneously. Choose the best style for the strength of your CBD product. You can have a large square or rectangular-shaped boxes depending on the shape of the box. If the premade shapes do not correspond to the product's shape, you can help shape the shape according to your creative ideas.

Custom CBD Serum Packaging Boxes

Custom Printed CBD Packaging Boxes are available at wholesale prices to meet the growing demand for cannabidiol food packaging due to its herbal extracts and sports & wellness benefits. Cannabis product manufacturers are deeply concerned about the quality of their products, so they strive to obtain high-quality CBD Packaging Boxes. SirePrinting offers Custom CBD boxes with elegant finishes that will completely protect your product. To capture your customer's attention, you must make your product visible to your core demographic.

The best and most straightforward way to accomplish this is through the printing of custom CBD Serum boxes. These printing services enable you to select some enticing graphics based on the intensity of the product you intend to pack. These graphics will easily captivate your customers, resulting in a significant increase in your sales. Another advantage of printing is printing your Custom CBD Serum boxes with your company's signature or logo.

An embossed logo will serve as a promotional tool, making your product more visible in the market. Your brand will be huge among all the other brands if marketing is accelerated. Serum Box Packaging acquires various printing equipment and employs highly qualified printing experts to provide you with flawless printing services. The design of custom CBD boxes has a significant impact on viewers. People nowadays want stylish and trendy items in all aspects of their lives. Get trending, one-of-a-kind styles for your custom CBD packaging boxes, such as snap lock, auto-lock bottom, and reversed tuck ends.

Wholesale Serum Boxes

The serum is a popular cosmetic product that both men and women use. A variety of brands produces a variety of serums. Serums are available to care for the skin, hair, and body. Face Serum Boxes are in high demand and are produced by nearly all cosmetic and makeup companies. It is a liquid similar to water, but it can be thick and filled in a bottle. It must pack this serum bottle inside a box known as a serum box. Serum Boxes vary in size and shape depending on the size and shape of the serum-filled bottle.

Because the serum boxes completely cover the entire bottle. Serum products are available in a variety of forms on the market. Serums are one of the most popular and widely used cosmetics products. The serum is a beneficial skin product, such as anti aging serum, which makes you look younger, and anti-hydrating serum, which keeps your skin smooth and moisturized. Market trends change daily, allowing different cosmetic brands to think bigger.

Move toward new and innovative methodologies to capture customers' attention. Serum Box Packaging allows you to capture the receiver's attention and encourage them to acquire your serum products without hesitation. These boxes take the stress out of displaying products on store shelves and ensure that you have repeat customers. Sire Printing is working hard to design your serum products to promote you and your consumer items in stores and get your products noticed at first glance.

Cosmetic companies are attempting to improve their brand image by packaging their serum products in enticing and captivating Custom Serum Boxes. We provide you with a multitude of eye-catching options for customizing your boxes in any design, shape, and style, allowing your customers to purchase your products in the best possible way. You can increase your market sales by carefully selecting the styles to give an organized appearance. Tuck end, two-piece, and auto-lock bottom styles draw attention to your boxes.

Custom Printed CBD Serum Boxes

A high-quality packaging material (Cardboard, Kraft, Corrugated, or material of your choice) with adequate viscosity is required to pack your sensitive serum products. We are here to assist you by providing Custom Printed Serum Boxes with enticing designs and exquisite shapes. Our first-rate serum packaging shields serum from sunlight, keeping it fresh and preventing allergic reactions. We make such boxes out of recyclable materials to extend the life of serum without causing damage. With helpful information printed on it, a perfect serum packaging gets your product off the retailer's shelf and into the customer's hands.

CBD or cannabidiol (found in cannabis plants) products must be packaged in Custom Boxes for various reasons. In this regard, we are here to provide you with the most affordable, long-lasting, and high-quality Custom CBD Boxes. Herbal products and liquids derived from cannabidiol, such as CBD oil, lotion, and tinctures, necessitate perfect packaging with no leakage. It is the place to be if you sell CBD products because we never compromise on quality, even if you Order CBD Boxes In Bulk. Trends and styles are changing rapidly, and this is affecting various cosmetic brands and products.

It is challenging to get your customers' attention, and even if you do, it is difficult to persuade them to buy your product. They create a desire in them to buy your product without hesitation. These boxes eliminate the worry of displaying your serums on shelves and allow you to achieve the exhibition you've always desired for your serums. Serums are such useful skincare products that customers carry to look fresh whenever they see fit, whether they are going to work or simply leaving the house.

Benefits Of Custom Serum Boxes

CBD boxes improve our lives through their various packaging practices. Although many different types of Custom CBD Packaging are available today, many consumers still prefer packaging boxes made of Medicinal marijuana material.

First, CBD boxes are ecologically responsible because they are made from high-quality materials that are not harmful to the environment. These boxes are 100 percent recyclable. Second, these boxes are strong enough to keep and transport goods safely inside them. Third, cannabis is essential in the manufacture of high-quality cartons.

Every business has Kraft paper, CBD boxes, or any other material that helps preserve nature. These boxes are now among the most appealing and Environmentally Friendly Packaging options. It is because the materials used to make these boxes are highly recyclable. These boxes are ideal for a wide range of speciality packaging. Because the fresh materials needed to make these boxes are cheap and readily available. As a result, they are the most cost-effective option for packaging and shipping products. The most popular boxes for shipping are roughened Kraft Boxes and CBD boxes. These boxes are associated with the protection of various goods, regardless of their size, shape, or weight. 

Serum Boxes with Logo

Our custom-made CBD boxes are used for pitching and delivering CBD products or oil to customers. As a result, CBD packaging boxes assist CBD product or oil manufacturers in securely shipping goods to customers. To ensure the safety of the medicated products packed inside, we use high-quality packaging material to produce these CBD boxes. When all of the necessary information about the entire product is imposed on the boxes, Custom Printed CBD Boxes became helpful to the purchaser.

A serum is an essential product in the cosmetics industry that keeps your skin healthy and protected. There are various types of serum products on the market, such as anti-aging serum, which keeps wrinkles at bay and allows you to look young and attractive. Custom Printed Serum Boxes play an important role in establishing your brand's distinct identity in a crowded market. If you're looking for a box manufacturer who can customize your boxes in a way that appeals to customers.

During the customization process, plain serum boxes are beautified by employing a variety of techniques. The designs are either related to the nature of the serum or to the customers' special requirements. Such as how they intend to use the boxes. Our expert designers are constantly on the lookout for new and unique designs. The customized serum boxes are very eye-catching and appealing. Because of the bright colors used in different schemes to create beautifully patterned designs on the serum boxes.

Custom serum boxes that are exceptional and splendid are the highlight of your product's marketing campaigns. This unique packaging not only protects skincare products but also helps to promote the brand's image. Serum products, including oil and other skincare cosmetics, are in high demand, and people prefer a brand that offers dependable, secure, but appealing packaging. In the interest of customers, exclusive serum Product Packaging includes enticing customization options.