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CBD Roll On Boxes Specifications

Box Style All styles available including Reverse Tuck, Sleeve & Tray, Gable Style, Pop Display Style, Seal End, Bakery Style.
Dimensions All Sizes Available
Quantity 50
Included Options Gloss/Matte Lamination, Die Cutting, Pre-Scored, Pre-Glued
Additional Options Perforation, PVC Window Patch, Cardboard/Foam Inserts, Raised Ink, Foil Stamping, Spot UV, Embossing, Debossing.
Proof Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (Paid Request)
Shipping Shipped via DHL, FedEx & UPS
Preferred Design File You can send us your design files in any vector base format like AI, PDF, PSD, EPS, JPG or TIFF format.
Assembling Eco-friendly assembling, shipped flat.

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Stock Type & Thickness


Versatile and recyclable, it's a go-to for packaging needs. Affordable, sturdy, and customizable for any product design.


An eco-friendly, durable choice. Ideal for packaging, it's both robust and recyclable. A sustainable solution for your business needs.


Rigid stock material offers superior durability and elegance for packaging. The perfect choice for premium products requiring a luxe feel.


The go-to for shipping needs. Durable, lightweight, and protective, it's the eco-friendly choice for your product's journey.

Finishing Assortment

Foil Stamping

A touch of luxury for your packaging. This technique adds metallic shine and depth, elevating your product's visual appeal.

Spot UV

Enhance your design with high-shine detail. This technique adds texture and depth, spotlighting key features of your product's packaging.


Amp up your packaging's appeal with its vibrant shine. It enhances color and detail, making your product stand out on the shelves.

Holographic Foiling

Add a futuristic flair to your packaging. It offers a captivating, multi-dimensional shine that catches the eye immediately.


Elevate your packaging with a tactile, 3D effect. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making your brand truly stand out.


Add a unique element to your packaging. This method creates indented detail, lending an understated, chic aesthetic to your product.


This finish provides a smooth and decent dull look, non-reflective surface, adding a touch of elegance to your packaging.

Soft Touch Lamination

Infuse a touch of luxury into your packaging. It provides a velvety feel to your packaging, making your product irresistible to touch.

Utilize Cutting-Edge Technology for Manufacture of Custom CBD Roll-on Boxes

The CBD expanding appeal and medicinal effects provide new possibilities for the manufacturers and also packagers. Whether you are producing Custom CBD Roll-on Boxes or any other popular cosmetic product, preserving its product packaging is well worth it for the clients and the wholesale industry is your topmost priority. Branding and the top-notch product packaging is essential step in modern advertising and marketing.

You must acquire it to increase your potential customer count and self-confidence as the general public is extra conscious. Highly glamorous and decorative product packaging options that line up well with the CBD items like Muscle rub, Depression relief creams, and essential oils consist of spray bottles, roll-on bottles, cosmetic bags, and economic CBD containers made from top quality glass and plastic. No matter your choice, provides all the essential packaging, printing, and design facilities under a single roof to save your time and money.

CBD Roll-On packaging has been commonly used in the cosmetics industry due to its convenient usage and minimum waste of the essential oils and CBD perfumes stored inside it. Such roll-on packaging requires similarly designed tube boxes that can well preserve the uniquely designed bottles. We feel proud to present the cardboard boxes for necessary hemp and Cannabis perfume roll-on containers packaging. Our vast range of that sort of packaging also consists of but is not limited to CBD hemp oil packaging boxes, vape pens or cartridges, tubes, beard oil product packaging tubes, and so forth. We can also load them right into Kraft paper boxes roll-on sticks product packaging. 

Try Our Amazingly Dependable Wholesale CBD Roll-on Boxes

Some of our customers and general readers may think that why cardboard product packaging is much more prominent for Wholesale CBD Roll-on Boxes than the traditional folding paper boxes container made use of for loading these glass containers and other medicinal products. The first thing is that when we talk about CBD wholesale items, it is entirely targeted towards the online sale and cross-border dispatch of these items through shipments and other resources. It demands a lot of safety and security, especially for essential oils and extracts.

These items are highly sensitive and shall be secured from moisture, direct sunlight exposure, and all sorts of mechanical shocks. They can be wrapped up against the listed above numerous factors. Additionally, they are highly beneficial for custom-made cardboard rolls on custom packaging boxes. At, we take special care of all these aspects when designing and producing packaging solutions for you.

Even if you are marketing one, two, or as many pieces as you can accommodate an item package, you may consider any of our solitary wholesale delivery box dimensions for your company with a selection of inserts to suit the various kinds of orders you expect. For instance, you may acquire a wholesale box accommodating an 8" x6" x3" delivery box and afterward obtain three different inserts - for one more than two packaging boxes to hold inside freely.

Glamorized CBD Roll-on Packaging Boxes with an Extra Appeal

The product packaging is directly related and based upon the usage of an item, as an example, whether they are Custom Vape Oil Cartridge Boxes, CBD body oils, muscle rubs boxes, hemp extracts, CBD supplements, or even animal treatment products, you can tell about them from the very close look of the packaging itself. That comes more than real for CBD Roll-on Packaging Boxes. These products are mainly saved in dark glass containers with a roll-on head that is movable in all directions. The user can apply the product to his or her body with easy rubs. Such bottles and containers are relatively sensitive, so their packaging also requires utmost attention and delicacy.

The roll-on containers vary in dimension from small to larger ones and are offered in various color-coated glass materials. They are readily available in multiple shades such as black, brownish, environment-friendly, and red and blue. You can personalize them right into a different color pattern according to your specific brand name need. The same is the case with the packaging solutions for such items. These containers are loaded right into magnificently personalized boxes representing your brand name and portraying the attributes of the object packed inside. At, we produce these boxes with regards to your personalized layout, form, as well as dimension. 

Pleasantly Designed Multi-purpose Roll on Glass Bottle Boxes

Roll-on boxes by are produced in a vast range of designs and measurements. You can quickly try them for any of your product arrays without the fear of misfits at any stage. It is the most inexpensive way to present and dispatch your roll-on bottles in an out-class manner. Personalized packaging of that sort not only protects your glamorized glass bottles but also guarantees safety against UV exposure, rip, tear, or moisture, etc. These boxes are available in any scalable measurement used for roll-on bottles. Some of the most wanted ones are discussed as under:

Roll-On 1/3 Oz (R30) Spiral Glass Bottle Boxes

Our customers love to have that packaging solution that can only be seen at with that specific touch of glamour and delicacy that is a specialty of our Roll-On 1/3 Oz (R30) Spiral Glass Bottle Boxes. These are more than nice for mailing purposes; you can even ship numerous of these boxes in flat form. You even do not have to fret about the fitting as they fit the roll-on bottles amazingly.

Roll-On 1/3 Oz (R30) Cylinder Glass Bottle Boxes

With all the specifications of the spring bottle, you can acquire our Roll-On 1/3 Oz (R30) Cylinder Glass Bottle Boxes published with your brand name logo designs, most good graphics, as well as images to attract your consumers. Your bottles stay risk-free with no threat of damages. The flawlessly created boxes provide longevity to maintain your essential oil secured, and also the stunning custom CBD packaging boxes welcome the clients to take them home.

Gift Box for 1 oz Roll-On (R37) Boxes

When it comes to Gift Box for 1 oz Roll-On (R37) Boxes, visuals play a crucial role; these are included in the packs making them look high-end and glamorous. Once your potential customer or even a first-time client looks at these boxes, it will be difficult for them to leave on option except buying them a product. Best for gift item purposes, you can acquire unrestricted decorations options to make these boxes glimmer with fantastic, completing alternatives to proclaim the overview of your item. The look of the product packaging can be boosted by utilizing various matte gloss coated.

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Medicinal marijuana and hemp extracts' packaging is our specialty. We have years of experience dealing with that specific niche of CBD product packaging. Due to that reason, we are very much concerned about the top quality of our products. We not only offer 24/7 customer support but also provide full-time professional guidance wherever needed. There is no need to mention that is a one-stop shop for your roll-on product packaging. Because we attempt to supply contentment to our clients in every element, we have many returning clients. You can also add your esteemed company to our circle of clients by just dialing (410) 834-9965 or sending an email at We are also available for live chat to accommodate any of your feedback at any time.